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  • Starting on Saturday, 02/13/2013, the customer service hours are:
    Monday thru Friday
    7:30 am to 6:00 pm CST

  • Why do I have to use Infinity Networks?
    Infinity Networks is the exclusive provider of inmate telephone service at a jail where an inmate is attempting to call you. The only calls allowed from confinement facilities are collect calls or prepaid calls from the one company contracted by the confinement facility to provide inmate phone service.
  • How can I get a rate quote?
    When you receive a collect call from an inmate you will hear a prompt to receive a rate quote before you accept the call. Press the digit as instructed and you will receive a rate quote before you accept the call and incur any expenses.
  • How do I block my number?
    If you would like to stop all calls from an Infinity Networks jail facility, please press the digits as instructed to block all future calls to your number or contact us at 1-866-681-2948. Infinity Networks does not charge a fee for blocking your number from the facility.
  • What is the best way to open an account quickly?
    If you have access to a computer you can open an account on our website for a $5.95 credit card processing fee charged by the third party payment processor If you only have access to a phone you can open an account for a payment processing fee of $5.95 charged by the third party payment processor by calling 1-866-681-2948 and following the voice prompts to be connected. Click here to open an Infinity Networks Prepaid Account, receive calls today.
  • How can I make a payment?
    It's easy to add money to an existing account 24 hours a day. You can make a payment using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Money Gram. When making a payment on an account, you will be charged a Payment Processing Fee by the third party payment processor of the various payment options; Money Gram $6.95 (Wal-Mart Stores), Automated Payment Hotline $5.95 and Website $5.95. Click here to make a Prepaid account payment.
  • Why are calls blocked?
    Infinity Networks has an allowed dollar amount of collect calls on a per ANI (number) that will be billed through your Local Telephone Company. When the dollar amount of calls accepted on your phone number has exceeded this billing limit (high toll) within a 30 day period, your number is automatically blocked.
    The local or wireless telephone company you have chosen does not provide billing for collect calls. To receive calls you will need to open an account directly with Infinity Networks. Click here to open an Infinity Networks Prepaid Account.
    You have an existing Infinity Networks Prepaid Account and your account balance does not have available funds. Please check your account balance and make a payment by clicking here.
    You have an existing Direct Bill Account and your account balance is over your credit limit. Please check your account balance and make a payment by calling 1-866-681-2948.
    Your local telephone company has a collect call block on your phone line with or without your knowledge. If you wish to have the block removed, you will need to contact your local telephone company. This request may take 2-3 days to complete. If you would like to receive calls today you can click here to open an Infinity Networks Prepaid Account.
    Your local telephone company has identified multiple phone numbers at this address. Infinity Networks does not bill calls to multiple phone numbers at the same address through your local telephone company. To receive calls you will need to open an account directly with Infinity Networks. Click here to open an Infinity Networks Prepaid Account.
    The person who is responsible for this phone number requested Customer Service to block your number. To unblock your number, call 1-866-681-2948.follow the voice prompts.
    The Jail has placed a block on your number. To have your number unblocked, please contact the Jail to have the block on your phone number removed, if allowed.
  • Why are some calls disconnected?
    Calls may be disconnected if any of the following activities occur during a call.
    1. Stop talking without hanging up.
    2. Attempts to make a 3-way call.
    3. Attempt to answer Call Waiting.
    4. Attempt to put a call on hold.
    5. Attempt to transfer a call in a PBX setting.
    6. Use of a cordless phone (static & signal strength).
    7. Use of a wireless phone (dropped cell tower or static).
  • How is telephone usage determined?
    Phone privileges are established by each individual confinement facility. This includes the hours each day the phones are available, the time limit on calls and in some cases what numbers are allowed to be called. Infinity Networks does not determine the allowed hours of operation or call length. All our confinement facilities calls are recorded and monitored.
  • How does the inmate phone system bill a collect call?
    Infinity Networks only bills calls that have been "positively accepted" by the called party. This means that when you receive a call from a confinement facility, you will first hear a recorded announcement explaining that the call is from a confinement facility and the caller's name. It will ask if you wish to accept the call you must "positively accept" the call by pressing the number prompted on the keypad of your touch-tone phone. When you accept a collect call you are agreeing to pay the charges for the call.
    The billing for "positively accepted" collect calls will appear on your local phone bill. The amount of collect calls billed on your local telephone bill is subject to calling limits established with each telephone company. This limit applies per household, not per person. If calls on your bill are unfamiliar, please check with other members of the household or business or anyone else who may have access to your telephone to determine who may have accepted the call.
  • What is Keeping Connected?
    Our Keeping Connected program is our prepaid collect calling option that is our most popular calling option. You simply prepay for the future calls at your desired dollar amount and the calls are debited off of your established account. The rates are lower than traditional collect calling and you never have to worry about your number being blocked. Just simply recharge your account through our website (click here) or through our automated system by calling 1-877-273-5012.
  • What is a Bill Statement Fee?
    A Bill Statement Fee is an approved regulatory fee associated with the preparation, production and processing of a collect call applied to a billing statement. The Bill Statement Fee may appear on your phone bill if a collect call from a correctional facility, with phone service provided by Infinity Networks, is accepted. This fee will appear on your collect call bill statement only once per month and only in months where a collect call from a correctional facility is accepted.

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